Weeding: Weeds in flower beds and near lawn areas often cannot be treated with weed killers and need to be removed by hand, it can be a laborious process but is essential in keeping your garden tidy and looking its best, we would usually recommend that weeding is incorporated into your regular gardening schedule but we can also do this as a “once off” service.


Weeds in paving and driveways are unsightly and when “pulled out” often grow back, we use a variety of herbicides suited to specific conditions which will combat the problem.

Lawn Mowing and edging: Garden Touch understands that correct mowing is one of the most important practices in keeping your lawn healthy.  Mowing height determines how healthy and attractive your lawn looks, cutting a lawn too short stresses the lawn and discourages good rooting which, in turn, encourages weeds  to thrive. We ensure that our equipment is regularly serviced and blades sharp to give a good clean cut to the lawn.


We offer a mowing and edging service to suit your needs, ideally weekly in summer and bi-weekly in winter, we also offer a seasonal (three monthly) feeding programme for lawns.

Brush Cutting/Strimming:  We offer this service for Steep banks, rough terrain, fields where the growth is too long for a lawnmower and lawns where lawnmower access is difficult.


Gutter Clearance: If left unchecked, your gutters will quickly become blocked with leaves, moss and dirt, these blockages can cause the gutter to leak and/or overflow which can, in turn, cause damage to fascias, windows and roof structures, we offer “once off” or regular gutter clearance and checking.

Hedge Cutting: We appreciate that our clients’ hedges are for specific purposes and for this reason our team are happy to operate under your direction and will endeavour to complete a job based on your requirements.  Well maintained and trimmed hedges and topiaries improve the overall appearance of the property.  As with our maintenance visits we can schedule our visits to suit your specific requirements but we do recommend that hedges are cut at least twice a year.

Tree Work: We also undertake all aspects of tree work, pruning, shaping, trimming, “thinning”, stumping and removal; the utmost care is taken when undertaking this type of work.

Lawns:  Over the years we have prepared surfaces and laid many lawns, we are happy to advise on the best type of lawn to lay according to the conditions in the specific area of your garden.


Stone Chip:  Garden Touch also lay stone chip in various shades and sizes, whether it be for driveways, pathways or general landscaping.  This is perfect for both large and small gardens adding an aspect of interest and contrast.  The area is specifically prepared, treated and a layer of ‘biddum’ laid before the stone is distributed, this allows for adequate drainage and less weed growth.

Irrigation: We plan and install new irrigation systems for large and small properties, we also extend and repair existing systems.


Annual Pruning: We also do annual pruning, including Hydrangeas, roses, fruit trees and all trees and shrubs.


General Garden Maintenance:  Our regular maintenance is structured to the needs of the individual client, and any or all of the following treatments can be added to regular maintenance agreements; treating/feeding lawns, feeding plants, shrubs and trees and treating for diseases and pests, as well as the regular feeding and treatment of roses and fruit trees.